Our Mission

Our non-profit organization provides ongoing educational and transformational resources primarily for gifted and talented adults. The publications, classes, and private counseling services we offer, are designed to help individuals seeking to understand their inner process and maximize their contribution throughout the lifetime. When exposed to the Awareness Work we provide, gifted people can shed internally imposed limitations and open the pipeline to their inner awareness, freeing them even more to fulfill a sense of personal mission, make a contribution to society, and experience the full depth of spiritual yearnings.

Giftedness Self Tests

The three self-tests present a broad spectrum of personality characteristics that describe the unique human prisms through which giftedness radiates. While not all of the categories in the three tests will resonate with all gifted individuals, most find themselves described perfectly in many categories in their arena of giftedness.

School News

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Please send us an email if you are interested in more information by using the form below. Let us know if you would like to learn about applying Awareness to your life; or you would like to master Embodiment; or you would like to share Awareness Training with Others. Returning students can feel free to leave us messages here about the changes in the work and/or any successes they would like to share.