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Induction Seminar

Introduction to Induction Course, by Mary Rocamora


            Induction is a contemporary Western method developed by Mary Rocamora for moving awareness from trapped to free states. Induction begins by asking what is awareness? This is to acquaint people with the “tool” that they will be utilizing to navigate the field of awareness. Then we mobilize our awareness to explore trapped or confined states through two steps of induction.

Inductive questioning is about turning one’s attention in. Students at the beginning stages will cop out, and say “Oh, I don’t know. You tell me what my patterns are!” Then you have to keep re-directing them and say “No, I need you to come up with them.” Just be still and let the answer come. And then the second question is “And how do you know that that’s a pattern?” And then they begin to see that there’s more data there. When patterns are at work, certain emotions are in play. Certain thoughts come in to reinforce the emotions that are being experienced. It’s an investigatory process, simply a point of curiosity and awareness that travels from one stimulus to another. We want to be aware of our awareness and how it’s processes work.

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