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Mary Rocamora teaching Awareness Class, 1998

In the earlier years of The Rocamora School's existence classes were held in participants homes to help keep costs down and the environment comfortable. Each class was an opportunity for the Awareness...  more

  Mary Rocamora with monks in Tibet

Nagi Gompa Monestary

The seed for the Awareness work in it's existing form was planted on the various trips Mary Rocamora took to visit Nepal and the Nagi-Gompa Monestary. It was here that she had the privilege of meeting...  more


Alumni Gathering, 2005

The Rocamora School Alumni have been known to fondly call themselves "Rocamora-ites" or "Rocamora-ons." Perhaps something only to be appreciated from within. In an effort to expand the reach of the supportive...  more



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