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Patterns of Process

Patterns of Process

by Mary Rocamora

         Over the last many years of teaching awareness work, I have observed how new patterns emerged as a direct result of doing the work. Because the ego mind is most comfortable with patterns in general, they only became visible to me as familiar patterns were diminishing, so they are rightfully called Patterns of Process. These patterns were not derived from our personal history or adaptations of those early patterns that were being played out in current relationships or job situations.

         Patterns of Process illustrate the devious ways that ego hijacks both our insights and our enlightening experiences and turns them into beliefs or concepts. They also illustrate how ego distorts our understanding of the process to frighten people away from the work as they got closer to a sustainable state of presence. These Patterns of Process will be more visible when your awareness starts cornering your ego and observing it maneuvering to stay in charge. The best preventative against getting stuck in a new place is to know that this phase of the work is coming and to start actively looking for these patterns.

         There are two primary tools for thwarting Patterns of Process: by diligently feeling into everything, fresh and new, and by studying the newly discovered mechanisms of ego as one advances in the work. In this course, you will study each point thoroughly and give yourself plenty of time to consider how it might apply to your inner life.

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