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Teacher Training in Awareness

Teacher Training in Awareness: Learning How to Help Others While Growing Embodiment


The Awareness Teacher’s Path by Mary Rocamora

Teaching this work is primarily to burnish the teacher. It makes you become aware of all the rough edges that are still there and all the ways you need to deepen to be able to hold the space firmly for even the most difficult students. That strengthening and deepening process serves to demand a more mindful way of being in one’s personal process because of the yardstick for growth it provides, and reminds us to be that way indiscriminately in the world as we tend to compartmentalize our inner work from how we conduct ourselves in the world. Teacher Training is the next level of personal growth in Awareness. Being a Student and Teacher, you will create a new context, which you would not find in ordinary situations, where you can identify personal Ego patterns in the facilitation of these dual roles. Teacher Certification is completed in four stages. -Stage One Requires class participation and completion of one course from Tiers One, Two, and Three.
  • Tier One: Choose a course in the Personal Journey Workbook or Ring Around the Mind
  • Tier Two:
    • Personal Journey Course, second Ten LessonsLogin
    • Stairway to Freedom: An expanded level of the Personal Journey Two classLogin
  • Tier Three:
    • Personal Journey Course, Third Ten LessonsLogin
    • Field Guide: An expanded level of the Personal Journey Three classLogin
  -Stage Two Includes completion of all courses in Enhanced Embodiment. Enhanced Embodiment Courses:         -Stage Three The student will demonstrate Embodiment of the work through a personal written review, in addition to teaching a focus group for the Personal Journey Course with a personal assessment from Mary Rocamora.
  • Personal Written Review
  • Teaching a Focus Group for the Personal Journey Course 
  • Personal assessment from Mary Rocamora 
  -Stage Four Continuing Education:
  • Transpersonal Journey CourseLogin

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