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The Ring Around the Mind

The Ring Around the Mind

by Mary Rocamora, M. A.

(The Personal Journey, Part I)


This work is peer process, with Induction as the introspective and communicative tool of awareness work. Progress in the work depends on the ability to recognize contrasting states of awareness and the willingness to shift from trapped states to the free state.

Class 1: Introduction to Awareness

Class 2: Emotions: From the general to the specific

Class 3: The anatomy of a pattern

Class 4: Separation as the origin of pattern

Class 5: Development of early patterns

Class 6: Dependency and its developmental consequences

Class 7: Seeing the witness and the pattern simultaneously

Class 8: Choice and willingness

Class 9: Breaking a Pattern

Class 10: Extending the Method to Other Patterns

Class 11: Strengthening presence in the footprint of old patterns

Class 12: Life changes resulting from increased freedom

Class 13: Developing a practice

Class 14: Cultivating a more sustainable presence

Class 15: discovery of Authentic Identity

Class 16. Looking Ahead to a Greater Freedom

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